Provincial Committee

Chair: Heather Berriault

Vice Chair: Vacant

Past Chair:  Frances Goudie

Secretary: Donna Knouse

Treasurer/Registrar: Ruth Taylor

Archives Chair:  Donna Knouse

Trademark Chair: Heather Berriault

Camp Committee: Vacant

GoldenRod Chair: Faye Piercy

Leadership Development Committee: Alice Monks, Frances Goudie

Members at Large: 

Nancy Pike

Mari-Anne Berriault 

Breanne Hack 

Donna Cheshire

Alice Monks

Arlene Ross

CGIT Website:

SK social media/webmaster:  Mari-Anne Berriault 

United Church Denominational Rep:

  Bev Diebert, UCC Conference Office

United Church Distribution Centre:  #2 – 25 Connell Court, Toronto, ON  M8Z 1E8

            Attn: Pat Gilmore (1 800 268-3781)

The Saskatchewan CGIT Committee is always open to welcoming new members!  Please contact Heather Berriault if you are interested!