Canadian Girls In Training (CGIT) is an inter-denominational Christian girls group for girls between the ages of 12-17.  This program focuses on providing young women with a safe and fun place to explore their spirituality and self- identity.  Everything we do is focused around out four-fold purpose:

“Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God, and Serve Others”.

Message from the Provincial Committee about COVID-19

The SK CGIT committee is recommending that SK CGIT groups suspend all CGIT activities for the time being.  With the COVID-19 virus appearing in Saskatchewan we feel we need to fully follow our Purpose, including Cherish Health and Serve Others.

Recommendations from the federal and provincial governments include that we employ “social distancing” measures.  This means keeping about 2 metres from others.  We acknowledge that this may be difficult for some of us to employ.  As a “social” group we need to be proactive in doing our best to support our families, friends, and neighbours.

Please take the time to ensure those around you are safe and cared for.  Offer to help with shopping, visiting over the phone, or in any other way that you see fit.

We are entering unchartered waters and are attempting to do the best we can in this time of confusion.  Remember to take a moment to pray for God’s guidance both for ourselves and those who are leading us.  Let us work together to get through this time of uncertainty.  

We are still a community even when we are not physically together.  Use the phone, email, and social media to stay connected.  With everyone working together and supporting each other we will come through this.

Yours in CGIT,

Heather Berriault (Chair, SK CGIT Committee)

Living Life with a Purpose